Tea, Music and Searching

It’s Friday, I don’t work Fridays, not necessarily by choice but as I don’t get paid for it, it gives me ample opportunity to wander down the odd strange avenue and catch up with Callum.  It also means that if friends contact me for a bit of a hand with information handling I can fit it in and if there’s an opportunity for a bit of paid freelance work I can take that on board too.  It also means if you want to find me around 4pm on a Friday it’s remarkably easy.  Just pitch up at The Egg Cafe, I’ll be there with Cal.

So today I have a couple of searches for friends.  One on co-commissioning and it’s a pig.  One on the failure to translate into practice from the academic.

Poses a question though, is a venue with free wifi the new working environment for a library in a bag?

It’s also an excuse to listen to my first love, music. So apologies for what I’m about to post!

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