Reflective Practice

John Driscoll’s consultancy.  Holds a range of useful documents. John is behind the ‘The What? Model of Structured Reflection (Driscoll 1994, 2000)’

Driscoll Reflection Model
Driscoll Reflection Model
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Driscoll, J. (2007). Practising clinical supervision: A reflective approach for healthcare professionals. Edinburgh: Baillière Tindall.

Driscoll, J. (1994). Reflective practice for practise. Senior Nurse, 14(1), pp.47-50.

Coursework book from Jennifer Moon written for the University of Dublin in 2003.

Learning journals and logs, Reflective Diaries. (2003). [ebook] Dublin: University of Dublin. Available at: [Accessed 6 Apr. 2017].


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