The Referral Engine – The Qualities of Referral

Be the most trusted option

  1. Be honest
  2. Be authentic
  3. Don’t over promise

Staff as Customers

  1. Treat your staff as you would customers, customers will be treated asimarly

Hire for Fit

  1. Attitude is crucial, shared values key

Train and Create Standards

  1. People need training and retraining in what you stand for

Give Them the Tools

  1. Let people know what you expect of them
  2. Give them the equipment and tools to do it to do the job
  3. Give them the support to do it right
  4. Give appropriate praise and feedback
  5. Focus on outcome

Open Dashboard

  1. Create a simple dasboard measuring success

Employee as Owner

  1. Have to enjoy what you do and own it.

A Culture of Buzz

  1. Need to create a buzz

Give-to-get Mentality

Key questions:

  1. What am I here to give?
  1. How can I serve?

These help develop relationship management

It’s all about filling the emotional bank account.

Expect Referrals

If you’re successful you should expect to be referred.  Remember to ask for them, You need to do the spade work

Inbound v Outbound

Education is the key to referrala.  Inbound is meeting the specific need of a client who then will refer. Even if this involves connecting people with services that can deliver their need more effectively.

Process to Deliver Consistency

Systems such as wikis, blogs etc. Can be used to deliver consistency.

  1. Simple tools aid processes.

Simple Improvement

The process of seeking referrals will by its nature lead to iterative improvements.


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