The Referral Engine – An Introduction

Systematic approach to generating word of mouth marketing.

Makes use of the hypothalmus’ need for validation.

  1. We rate and refer as a form of survival
  2. We refer to connect to other people
  3. We refer to build our own form of social currency – placing a deposit in the goodwill bank!

The hypothalmus also deals with risk

  1. A referral is a risk so need to build trust
  2. People talk about the things that exceed their expectations and surprise them (think Weepop!)

Nobody talks about a boring business

  1. If you’re safe you’re probably boring!
  2. We need to differentiate

Consistency builds trust

  1. Need to consistently replicate your schtick

Marketing is a System

  1. Need to embrace corporate values
  2. Need to blend that with authentic self
  3. Need to energixe others to promote you

The Most Tragic Referral Reality

Majority of business comes via referrals, but 79.9 % don’t sytematise it.


Jantsch, J. 2013, The referral engine : teaching your business to market itself. London : Portfolio, 2011.


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