Reading to Tilehurst 3.5 miles

Reading Bridge

This is as much as anything a set of scribbles for my own use….

Directions from Reading Station to Reading Bridge

Walk east on Blagrave St towards Forbury Rd

Continue onto Forbury Rd

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Vastern Rd/A329

At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto George St/B3345

Well according to google!  According to me, walk out the back of the station, walk past the ticket machines and then follow the road down to the main road.  Cross it and turn right.  Follow it down to the Thames Water building on the left, enter their car park!  Whilst doing this realise you’ve forgotten the cereal bars you meant to pack…. have no liquids with you and think ‘Fuck it, I’ll find something on the way!’

Thames Path

At the south side of Reading Bridge (the station and city centre side) follow the footpath sign down the side of the Thames Water Utilities office building.

Turn your back to Reading Bridge and start your walk along the Thames Path (aka turn left).  On a bright summers morning this is when you appreciate the shades, start noticing wild daisies, and begin to discover on this part of the path you have cyclists and joggers along the way.  So the result is you get an eyeful of a variety of sizes or lycra clad arses male and female.  On the plus side there were also plenty of geese with goslings which were cuter than the majority of the lycra clad arses.

Walk to Caversham Bridge, carry on the paved prom by the river.near the rowing club.  At this point you will hear the rythm of rowlocks, the yells of coxes and coaches, and if you’re lucky like me the sound of someone strumming an acoustic guitar.  You’ll also start noticing the downside of geese and cute goslings, in the shape of heaps of bird shit. Ath this point you’ll also have the joys of dog walkers and more lycra clad arses. At the end of the paved promenade the walk continues on a narrower stony path, where most joggers turn around and cyclists seem in the main to fear to tread.

Beware Cyclists
Hazy Daisy
Sign to Home!
Seranading Pain

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