palliative care

Problem Solving in Acute Oncology

Author: Edited By Ernie Marshall, Md, Mrcp(uk), Mbchb, Macmillian Consultant In Medical Oncology, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Merseyside, Uk, Alison Young, Md, Mrcp(uk), Mbchb, Consultant Medical Oncologist, St James`s Institute Of Oncology, St James`s University Hospital, Leeds, Uk, Peter I. Clark, Ma, Md, Frcp, Professor Of Medical Oncology, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Merseyside, Uk, Chair Of NHS England Chemotherapy Clinical Reference Group, Peter Selby, Cbe, Dsc, Md, Frcp, Frcr, Fmedsci, Professor Of Cancer Medicine, St James`s Institute Of Oncology, St James`s University Hospital And University Of Leeds, Leeds, Uk, President Of The Association Of Cancer Physicians. Pages: 268 Size: 16.92 MB Format: PDF Publisher: Atlas Medical Publishing
Published: 03 November, 2013
eISBN-13: 978184692649

In the United Kingdom there has been increasing attention paid to the needs of patients who present acutely with problems related to the diagnosis and management of cancer, complications of their cancer, complications of their treatment or who require appropriate symptom control or palliative care. These issues are being considered carefully by a wide range of professionals working in oncology, the Departments of Health and other bodies. There is now a substantial service development to ensure that Acute Oncology is appropriately provided in order to improve outcomes and wellbeing of patients. This book uses the Problem Solving format to produce a text which will be of value to everyone involved in planning and delivery of acute oncology care throughout the UK. The issues raised here will be equally valuable in an international context. The book is formally supported by the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP).

Essential Practice for Healthcare Assistants

Author: Edited By Angela Grainger. Pages: 257 Size: 2.4 MB Format: PDF Publisher: Andrews UK Ltd
Published: 09 May, 2016
eISBN-13: 9781856424912

This book is specifically aimed at healthcare assistants, and is a comprehensive text covering all aspects of care of the patient. It is written by healthcare assistants and cover the a wide range of topics:

  • Safety issues
  • Basic patient and residential care
  • Special care
  • Mental health
  • Learning disabilities
  • Paediatrics
  • Women and maternity
  • Men`s care
  • Caring for carers
  • Home health care
  • Lifting and moving patients
  • Death and dying.

Care at the End of Life

Author: Edited By Jeff Round. Pages: 210 Size: 1.54 MB Format: PDF Publisher: Springer Verlag
Published: 01 January, 2016
eISBN-13: 9783319282671

This work carefully guides the reader through the methodological, policy and ethical challenges facing health economists conducting research in palliative care. It has collected the opinions of many cutting-edge researchers. Those who design and conduct economic evaluations or economics-related research in end of life populations will find this book thought provoking, instructive and informative. The provision of care to individuals with disorders associated with advancing age, such as cancer and dementia, is an increasing concern amongst policy makers and providers of health and social care. Accordingly, the burden on state and private funders in providing care to patients with these complex illnesses is of growing importance to health economists. However, answering the questions raised by the research community on end of life and palliative care health economics has received little attention. The authors shed light on many questions including: Are economic evaluation methods fit for purpose in patients at the end of life? What is the best way to measure and value health outcomes in this population? What are the appropriate societal rules to govern resource allocation for people at the end of life? Are these people more or less deserving of resources than other patients? Does age matter? How can we define a good death for the purposes of resource allocation decision making? What ethics govern research in end of life patients?

Paediatric Palliative Medicine (2 ed.)

Author: Richard Hain and Satbir Jassal
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2016
Print ISBN-13: 9780198745457
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780198745457.001.0001

Looking after children with life-limiting conditions can be very difficult for both parents and health-care professionals. This second edition of Paediatric Palliative Medicine is full of easily accessible, detailed information on medical conditions and symptoms, and includes specific management plans in order to guide the practising clinician through treatment of children requiring palliative care. Using the bestselling Oxford Specialist Handbook format to deliver practical and concise information, this handbook facilitates bedside delivery of effective palliative medicine. It includes detailed information on symptom control and the philosophy and models that support delivery of palliative medicine to children, while also covering practical delivery of palliative medicine relating to other professionals and families, and the learning and coping skills required in palliative care. It also contains a quick-reference drug formulary. Fully updated with an expanded formulary and a new chapter on the intensive care unit, this new edition continues to be the authoritative reference tool in paediatric palliative care.

OSH Paediatric Rheumatology

Author: Helen E. Foster and Paul A. Brogan
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2012
Print ISBN-13: 9780199592630
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199592630.001.0001

This resource covers anatomy and physiology before moving on to identification and management of specific rheumatological disorders found in young people. As well as covering common and less common rheumatology problems, there are also chapters on rheumatology investigations and emergencies, designed for quick reference.

OSH Respiratory Disease: From advanced disease to bereavement

Author: Graham J MacKay, Helen R Dorrance, Richard G Molloy, and Patrick J O’Dwyer
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2010
Print ISBN-13: 9780199564033
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199564033.001.1

This resource provides practical guidance to professionals who care for patients with advanced respiratory disease. It gives evidence-based advice on a wide range of topics, including management of respiratory and non-respiratory symptoms, chronic respiratory failure, and respiratory emergencies.

OSH Dementia: From advanced disease to bereavement

Author: Victor Pace, Adrian Treloar, and Sharon Scott
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2011
Print ISBN-13: 9780199237807
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199237807.001.0001

This resource concentrates on advanced dementia, and addresses issues such as pain management, decision-making, spiritual needs, communication, the Mental Health Capacity Act, dementia in the younger patient, and the carer’s perspective.

Heart Failure: From Advanced Disease to Bereavement

Author: Miriam Johnson, Karen Hogg, and James Beattie
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2012
Print ISBN-13: 9780199299300
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199299300.001.0001

Excellent end of life care for people with heart failure is challenging but possible. In easily digestible summaries, this resource presents practical advice about how and when to integrate a palliative care approach alongside standard heart failure management.

OSH End of Life Care in the ICU: From advanced disease to bereavement

Author: Graeme Rocker, Kathleen Puntillo, √Člie Azoulay, and Judith Nelson
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2010
Print ISBN-13: 9780199239245
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199239245.001.0001

End of life care in the ICU presents its own unique challenges, and this resource highlights real clinical issues which need to be addressed if quality palliative care within ICUs is to be consistently delivered.

OSH Kidney Disease: From advanced disease to bereavement (2 ed.)

Author: Edwina A. Brown, Fliss E. M. Murtagh, and Emma Murphy
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2012
Print ISBN-13: 9780199695690
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199696956.001.0001

This resource provides practical guidance on end of life management for patients with renal disease. It is presented in easily accessible, bullet point style, and is illustrated with case histories from real life patients, and drug tables.