Management of Peritoneal Metastases- Cytoreductive Surgery, HIPEC and Beyond

Pages: 577 Size: 7.83 MB Format: PDF Publisher: Springer Singapore
Published: 01 January, 2018
eISBN-13: 9789811070532

The widespread acceptance among the oncology community at large of cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC as a potentially curative treatment for peritoneal metastases has paved the way for innovative new therapies that could benefit a larger proportion of patients. Much has been and continues to be published on this subject. This book provides comprehensive reviews on the various aspects of managing peritoneal metastases. The authors highlight essential practical issues that surgical oncologists encounter in their day-to-day practice, and try to before provide evidence based answers to address them. All chapters were written and/or reviewed by leading experts in this field.

Acute Kidney Injury: Basic Research and Clinical Practice

Author: Editors, Xiaoqiang Ding, Mitchell H. Rosner, Claudio Ronco. Pages: 202 Size: 4.07 MB Format: EPUB Publisher: Karger
Published: 23 January, 2018
eISBN-13: 9783318063110

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is a complex syndrome that is prevalent among hospitalized patients. In recent years, occurrence of AKI events has risen due to a growing susceptibility of fragile and elderly subjects and an increase in the use of complex procedures such as cardiovascular surgery and imaging techniques. Exposure to potentially nephrotoxic drugs, such as new chemotherapeutic agents, is also proving to be a cause of AKI. This book summarizes recent advances in various settings. A reappraisal of current definitions and staging classifications for AKI in the literature is followed by a description of new criteria for identifying patients at risk and characterizing early kidney damage by using biomarkers. Other important topics include the sequelae of AKI and AKI in special populations such as children, the elderly, and those with cancer. The effects of AKI and its consequences on healthcare expenditures are also addressed from several perspectives. AKI management requires the cooperation of different specialists to optimize outcomes. This book is thus a perfect tool not only for nephrologists, but for every specialist involved in the complicated endeavor of improving patient care.

The Complete Recovery Room Book

Author: Anthea Hatfield. Pages: 593 Size: 3.48 MB Format: PDF Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 27 February, 2014
eISBN-13: 9780191644139

The care that a patient receives in the first hours after surgery is crucial to minimizing the risk of complications such as heart attacks, pneumonia, and blood clots. As the patient awakes from their drug-induced coma, it takes time for them to metabolize and excrete these drugs, during which period they remain unable to care for themselves, and at increased risk of harm. The recovery room staff must manage both comatose and physiologically unstable patients, and deal with the immediate post-operative care of surgical patients. The fifth edition of this popular book provides nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists with clear guidance on how to manage day-to-day problems and how to make difficult decisions. Previous editions of this book have established it as the definitive guide to setting-up, equipping, staffing, and administering an acute care unit. It includes basic science such as physiology and pharmacology, specific symptoms including pain and vomiting, and has chapters devoted to the unique post-operative needs of individual types of surgery. This new edition brings this important text up to date and new drugs and techniques for monitoring are described. A new section looks ahead to the future development and design of recovery rooms and how they can contribute to patient well being.

McRae’s Orthopaedic Trauma and Emergency Fracture Management

Author: Timothy O. White, Samuel P. Mackenzie, Alasdair J. Gray. Pages: 651 Size: 97.95 MB Format: PDF Publisher: Elsevier
Published: 06 November, 2015
eISBN-13: 9780702057298

This book is derived from Ronald McRae’sPocketbook of Orthopaedics and Fractures, a highly successful ‘survival guide’ for the trainee working in accident and emergency or orthopaedic departments. Retaining the underlying principles of the original editions this comprehensive rewrite and re-presentation provides complete coverage of orthopaedic trauma surgery as relevant to contemporary practice.

  • McRae’s Orthopaedic Trauma and Emergency Fracture Management¬†utilises a detailed descriptive and didactic style, alongside a wealth of illustrations all completely redrawn for this book.
  • The first section on general principles in orthopaedic trauma deals with basic terminology and classification, principles of closed and operative management of fractures, infection and complications.
  • The main section provides a regional review of specific injuries, each following a logical sequence describing emergency department and orthopaedic management, and outlining a safe and widely accepted management strategy. Each chapter begins with an overview of the relevant anatomy and principles of the examination of the patient.
  • The book provides a comprehensive overview of both surgical as well as conservative management of orthopaedic trauma injuries.
  • This book is a fully rewritten text based on a classic textbook by Mr Ronald McRae.
  • Now in a larger page size the book contains over 500 illustrations all drawn in two colours for this new edition.
  • Over 250 x-rays accompany the text, many of which are connected with the line drawings to ease interpretation.

Cardiac Pacing and ICDs 6th ed.

Author: [edited By] Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, Mark A. Wood. Pages: 576 Size: 6.34 MB Format: PDF Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
Published: 25 March, 2005
eISBN-13: 9781405150071

Cardiac Pacing and ICDs, is the ideal resource for clinicians who need an accessible, clinically-focused guide to cardiac pacemakers, ICDs and CRTs. Completely updated, and now with larger full-color images throughout, this new sixth edition offers thorough coverage of essential topics like:

  • Indications for both temporary and permanent pacing
  • Pacing hemodynamics explained in clinically relevant terms with simple algorithms for mode selection and device programming
  • Tips and Tricks for implantation and removal of devices and left ventricular leads
  • Evaluation and management of pacemaker and ICD device malfunctions
  • MRI safety and how to follow patients with devices
  • Remote follow up and more
  • Thoroughly revised and redone to provide more tables, charts and figures explaining devices

Diagnostic Clusters in Shoulder Conditions

Author: Puneet Monga, Lennard Funk
Pages: 277 Size: 5.51 MB Format: PDF Publisher: Springer Verlag
Published: 01 January, 2017
eISBN-13: 9783319573342

This book serves as a definitive guide to diagnosing shoulder conditions for all levels of orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in shoulder pathology, and for junior surgeons in training. It comes at a time when the knowledge regarding shoulder conditions has vastly improved, with the shoulder sub-speciality growing at a rapid pace in terms of practitioner numbers, procedures and evidence-base. However, with the multitude of special tests for shoulder conditions, the clinician faces a variety of sensitivities and specificities of the respective tests. It is unclear, in most circumstances, which single test is the best and growing evidence confirms that a set of tests is superior for diagnosing shoulder conditions. This forms the basis of cluster testing, which is the key concept for the title and content of this book. In many common shoulder diagnoses the preference for clusters has been reflected in both experience and clinical evidence, but for conditions where evidence for clusters is less clear, a consensus-based approach is utilised by the authors of this key resource for diagnosing shoulder conditions.

OSH Paediatric Surgery

Author: Mark Davenport and Agostino Pierro
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9780199208807
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199208807.001.0001

Paediatric Surgery offers a thorough, practical overview of the subject as well as detailed information about a wide variety of unusual and unfamiliar conditions.

OSH Paediatric Anaesthesia

Author: Edward Doyle
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2007
Print ISBN-13: 9780199202799
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199202799.001.0001

This title covers all aspects of modern paediatric anaesthesia; from common ENT and general surgical day case procedures through to specialist neonatal, neurosurgical, spinal and cardiac procedures restricted to paediatric centres.

OSH Pacemakers and ICDs

Author: Jonathan Timperley, Paul Leeson, Andrew RJ Mitchell, and Timothy Betts
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2007
Print ISBN-13: 9780198571322
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780198571322.001.0001

This book is designed for the general cardiology trainee at the beginning of their pacing career to act as an aid as they start implanting, whether they are in electrophysiology, devices, or general cardiology.

OSH Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

Author: Giles Warner, Andrea Burgess, Suresh Patel, Pablo Martinez-Devesa, and Rogan Corbridge
Format: Webpage Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9780199230228
DOI: 10.1093/med/9780199230228.001.0001

This resource aims to provide ENT trainees with the information they need to progress from their introduction to ENT practice through the hurdles of assessments and exams into independent practice in the field.